Site visit in downtown Tampa

It’s always a delight to come to downtown Tampa.  I wouldn’t call myself a city girl, but I have an appreciation of urban areas and buildings (of course).  Today’s visit was to Sacred Heart Church.  Dedicated in 1905, it’s one of the oldest structures in the downtown district.  I captured the second image because I thought it was quite representative of how old and new architecture juxtapose next to each other.  The very close proximity to each other is somewhat uncomfortable to me.  But, this is an occurrence all too common in growing rural areas.  The best thing architects/designers can do is take into account future land use of the property they are working on and its adjacent lots.  Building a condo with views of the 360-degree perimeter of the building may be good in a beach area where buildings can be spaced out, but may not be such a good idea in a condensed towering downtown district.

As for downtown Tampa, there are still developments underway.  There were plenty of talks years ago about bringing in more condominiums in a district that is predominantly office buildings.  Some have come to fruition, but time will tell if downtown becomes a more multi-use district.  Riverwalk has brought in more pedestrian activity in the area and has utilized more of the area by the water.  But overall, I love downtown Tampa.  Just wish there were more reasons to go there other than do business.

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