My colored contacts are in!!!


So, my order finally arrived!  I don’t wear corrective lenses, but I do like to play around with different looks every now and then.  I’ve been wearing colored contacts on and off for years now, but it’s been a year since I wore them almost on a regular basis.  I saw my pictures from last year and I missed wearing them and making a statement with my eyes.

I ordered my contacts from Eye Candy’s.  It’s a Hong Kong-based company, and their big sellers are these contacts called Circle Lenses.  They’re popular in Asia not only because they add color but they also make your eyes appear larger,  covering more colored area than your average eye iris.

I tried them on last night as soon I received my order from the mail (in a pink packaging, no less).  The ones I ordered are GEO EyesCream in Vanilla Brown.  As you can see from the picture, I had a hard time putting them in as I don’t wear contacts anymore on a regular basis.  But, I knew this was inevitable, so I tried them on even though I wasn’t planning on wearing them for the night.  My otherwise plain dark brown eyes were transformed into this piercing look, and I was satisfied with the result.  I know I would have to wear them more often these days to get myself used to putting them on.

So, if you want to update your look in a simple yet drastic way, you might want to try colored contacts.  It’s recommended that you only use the same pair for about 6 months, and then discard them to avoid infection.  Make sure you regularly clean with contacts solution by gently rubbing the contacts between your (clean) forefinger and thumb.  I like to also have wetting drops handy just in case my eyes get somewhat dry while I’m wearing them.  Overall, I’m loving them and if you do decide to get them, I hope you’ll love wearing them as well!

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