Saturdate: Endless sushi!


Here I am having lunch with my mom, aunt and brother at one of our favorite spots to eat, Saki Endless Sushi Restaurant in Clearwater, Florida.  If you want to sample different types of sushi, sashimi and hibachi, this is the place.

The food is amazing, especially for what you’re paying.  They’re also served in small portions, so you have a chance to sample different dishes without feeling like you’re already full from the first plate.

I have some techniques to maximize my experience.  First, when I order from the hibachi menu, I ask them to not include rice, just the meat and veggies.  Why?  Rice will just be a filler, and there’s plenty of rice already in sushi.  My family and I are pretty good at coordinating who’s ordering what, so we can all eat more samples.  We also order ahead.  Ordering only one  or two dishes at first will leave you waiting too long for the next batch of food.  This might be a little hard to estimate during your first visit, but eventually you’ll get the hang out it if you intend to come back.

I have my usual favorites (like volcano roll), but coming here gives me the chance to eat many delicious dishes at an unbeatable price.  If you’re in the area and a foodie like myself who likes to eat delicious food on a budget, be sure to try out this place!

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