RePurpose: Furnitures That Tell A Story

Taking an item that has served its original purpose and bringing it back to life by repurposing is not only a good way to recycle but it’s also a way to create “new”things that already have an inherent history behind it.  The following is the blog piece I wrote for my work website at

Repurposing items or materials that have served their original purpose does not have to mean covering up its wear and tear.  As a matter of fact, maintaining their original character is one way to add another layer of design complexity and history.  Here in our office, we have a couple of repurposed projects that still display much of their original use.  In a way, they don’t just merely serve their current function; they also tell a story.

At the top of the image is salvaged wood from the late 1800’s repurposed as a bench in our conference room. Still evident are holes from the wood nails used to anchor it and indicative of the construction method of the time.  At the bottom are glass samples collected over the years from previous projects, repurposed as glass accent panels.  On the glass panels are labels with information of the projects we worked on.  They not only serve as decorative and functional pieces, but also reflective of work we have done over the years.

These pieces were made by my boss, Robert Shumake, Owner/Architect of Shumake Architecuture P.A. in Tampa, Florida.  There are a few more in the works that will be added to the office decor.  I will post them as they come, but hopefully, this inspires you to repurpose your own unique items.  They can be just about anything.  All you need is a little bit of creativity to envision how you can reuse an old item to something new.  Websites like Pinterest can give you some ideas.  If you like the repurposed look but doesn’t have the time to make them yourself, plenty of crafty sellers on Etsy have them available for purchase as well.

Reuse, recycle, repurpose!

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