website_aboutmepicHello and welcome to my site!  My name is Grace and I work as an Architectural Designer in Tampa, but I’m a lover of all things artistic and creative.  My blog pretty much encompasses all of that.  As for work, click here for my resume website.

*I love make-up, although I don’t always have time to put them on.  It’s far too time consuming and I’d much rather get extra sleep than wake up an hour early.  Getting my work done with enough energy is more important.

*I have a degree in architecture and work as an architectural designer, but I pretty much will work on anything set in front of me.  The website needs updated? Say no more!

*I like to do little art projects, like collaging.  There’s something therapeutic about it.  The process of creating beautiful madness is magical.

*I was in the Army, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.  It taught me life lessons that I still apply to this day.  It’s difficult for me now to look at any job as “hard” because I can always think of many others I had to endure in the Army that were definitely harder.  For example, in the civilian world, I’ve never had to do 110 push-ups for being 11 minutes late.  Or sleep in the woods in below freezing temperature with nothing but a sleeping bag.  So yes, work overtime in the office on a Saturday is perfectly doable.

*I’m obsessed with reading self development books.  Classics by Napoleon Hill to contemporary reads by Tony Robbins and everything in between, getting motivated feels empowering.  But, I also think reading them before going to sleep is not always conducive to resting, because all I want to do then is get up and work.  Eeek.

*I’m engaged to my love and bestfriend.

To check out more about my interests, check out my blog for more!